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AvpTube - Music & Video Downloader is an app that lets you download YouTube music and videos directly to your computer. You can now store your favorite videos in your hard drive and watch them whenever you want.

Using this app is incredibly simple: just type the name of the video or song that you’re looking for in the search bar that’s included in the app, then hit accept. This is when you get to pick the video or song that you want to download and the quality you want. You’ll normally have tons of resolution options that are adapted to all kinds of devices and players. Depending on the one you pick the content could take a bit longer to download.

AvpTube - Music & Video Downloader also includes a file manager system that lets you decide where your downloaded files should be located in your smartphone. AvpTube - Music & Video Downloader is a video and music downloading tool that’s super easy to use and that lets you do just that: download any song or video in a matter of seconds.
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